Positive Change, One Well at a Time

About Us

Trido Solutions offers innovative solutions to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic devices in the oil and gas industry by offering a range of solar-powered equipment including solar injection pumps, circulation pumps, and air compressors. Trido's breakthrough PMAC brushless motor and VFD controller technology draws significantly less power than traditional motors, enabling remote operation with limited sunlight and reducing the cost of solar infrastructure. Trido's mission is to transform power consumption efficiency and leverage small-scale solar power to replace existing pneumatic pumps with solar pumps and natural gas-driven controllers with instrument air, thus reducing the environmental impact of onshore oil and gas operations while improving operation reliability and performance.
Trido Solutions was founded on the belief that the industry has a responsibility to use environmentally-friendly practices for long-term sustainability. Trido's solar-powered equipment is well-suited for use in remote locations throughout the United States, where the replacement of traditional pneumatic devices with solar-powered devices can significantly reduce methane emissions and promote sustainability in the oil and gas industry. By utilizing Trido Solutions' technology, companies in the industry can achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals, improve operational efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.