EPA Standards of Performance for Methane Emission


11/11/2022 EPA’s newly published Standards of Performance for Methane Emission in O&G sector proposes implementations of zero-emission pneumatic pumps. To demonstrate the feasibility for remote locations, EPA referenced Trido Solutions technology and our successful deployment in their guidelines. 

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Pneumatic Devices and Pumps account for 2/3 of US onshore O&G Methane emissions, yet very little has been done  in the past decades to address this.
Listen to the discussions around pneumatic emissions at EnercomDenver ESG Panel and watch Ru Schaefferkoetter presenting Trido Solutions achievements to target those pneumatic equipment emissions with reliable and cost-efficient techology. 

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Better ESG for Oil & Gas


We can not talk about ESG in O&G without talking about Methane Emissions.
Watch Ru Schaefferkoetter representing Trido Solutions at EnercomDallas ESG Venture Panel in April 2022 and discussing how to reduce O&G Methane Emissions with TRIDO techology. 

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Diversity and Inclusion in Oil & Gas


Workplaces that prioritize diversity and inclusion efforts have been statistically proven to be safer, happier and more productive work environments. 
Watch Ru Schaefferkoetter discussing about the importance of diversity and inclusion in business with other female leaders at the EnercomDallas22



Wamsutter case study - letter to EPA

Trido Solutions Wamsutter case study illustrates methane mitigation of pneumatic systems can directly impact production reliability. Integration of solar-powered pneumatic pumps and compressors provides a sustainable and independent power source that improves overall business performance with a secondary positive impact on safety and the environment. 

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Methane mitigation


Methane emissions is the low-hanging fruit, and pneumatic retrofit presents the biggest opportunity to significantly reduce the GHG emission of O&G industry.
Watch the discussion about Methane Mitigation at EnercomDenver Methane Mitigation Panel in August 2021 with Ru Schaefferkoetter.

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Regulations Crack Down on Fugitive Methane Emissions


Oil & Gas 360

The Solution to Eliminating GHG Emissions from Pneumatic Devices

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