Technology for Performance

Product Solutions

High Efficiency Motor and Controller

Developed for the NASA Space Elevator program by the University of Saskatchewan.

Low power draw, high torque output, permanent magnet asynchronous 3 Phase brushless motor.

VFD control system with 4000 feedback per second—high precision, low power loss. Automation compatible with SCADA through MODBUS connections.

PMAC Motor and VFD Controller

TRIDO’S maintenance-free PMAC motor coupled with a custom-built VFD controller delivers high torque and low power consumption, upon start-up and during continuous operation. This technology enables TRIDO's system to power a variety of equipment accurately and efficiently, while driving down maintenance costs and extending equipment life.


Key Features

  • Draws only 25% of power compared to other chemical injection systems in similar conditions.
  • Soft start requires 0.3 to 0.4 amp, compared to start-up range of 4-40 amp draw from peers resulting in extended battery life and longer autonomous run times.
  • Class 1 Div. 1 explosion proof — robust, safe and can be installed anywhere.
  • SCADA compatible for remote monitoring and control.
  • Accepts pressure, temperature, or information from other sensors for local automation.

TRIDO Systems Applications Benefits

  • Chemical at high pressure with high accuracy.
  • Single systems deliver chemical to multiple locations for economical operations.
  • Circulate heat trace fluids in low sunlight situations with high reliability.
  • Clean, dry compressed instrument air for reliable operation and long instrument life.
  • Combination air compressor and chemical injection provides economical solution for low pressure well situations.
  • Programable and accurate data collection for GHG savings reporting.